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ClickBank Honest Review: Does It Still Work?

Founded way back in 1998, ClickBank is one of the oldest affiliate network. So to be honest, does it still work? In our ClickBank honest review, you will learn everything about ClickBank and whether it is still a good choice for you. We offer no affiliate or referral links and this isn’t a promotional content either, this is the real review of ClickBank.

What Is ClickBank?

ClickBank is a digital affiliate network where vendors can sell digital products and affiliates can promote them for a commission. ClickBank helps in processing payments, tracking commissions and paying affiliates and sellers on time.

ClickBank Advantages

Being one of the longest active affiliate network, as an affiliate, you can find lots of offers to promote and as a seller, you can attract a lot of affiliates to promote your products. Also, the payments are generally on time.

ClickBank Disadvantages

Most of the offers ClickBank has in it’s marketplace sell hype! They have sales letter making huge claims and while the sales pitch is good for conversions, ultimately it is worthless if the product is not of the same value. As a seller, if accepted into their network which now seems closely guarded and available to select group or network of sellers only selling hype, you can expect a lot of refunds and chargebacks for your orders. Also you get every kind of affiliate promoting your products, even sending you trash traffic causing issues for your hosting too. And as an affiliate, you are just promoting a hyped up sales letter, you can never build a long term online business by only promoting ClickBank products as an affiliate.

Does ClickBank Still Work?

Yes, it may work for some sellers and affiliates still. However they have started selling their own guides and products which means their focus has shifted from growing as an affiliate network and online marketplace to earing money as a seller too.

Earlier, when selling online was tough with hard access to payment processors and a platform like website or e-store to sell was hard to create and when ClickBank focus was on helping sellers and affiliates then it was a good choice but today, you can build an online business on your own. As a seller you have every tool and resource available to set up a selling website, get it marketed properly, process online payments and serve your customers.

And as an affiliate, you can build your online affiliate business for the long term by promoting real things to real buyers rather than promoting hyped up sales letters to desperate buyers.


So while ClickBank still works, the choice to use it is entirely yours.

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