Services By ARA

From design to development and from maintenance to hosting, we provide everything for the applications we develop. We even have a team that works with our clients to turn their initial idea into a working solution. With the flexibility to use or outsource to anyone around the world, we ensure our clients and applications  get the best possible resource that it needs to turn into a powerful solution. Below is the list of services we offer.


This includes providing services for chalking out a plan to turn an idea into a solution. Our consultation services also helps our clients in reviewing their applications and suggesting improvements or fixes.


Be it designing of user interface or brand marketing materials for the application, our designers work as hard as they could and always provide stunning designs and effects.


Development of either Linux or Window web applications is core of our services. Our CEO monitors the whole development process to ensure no stone is unturned to achieve the best possible power the web application can have.

Deployment & Testing:

We deploy and test our web applications for as long as an year or more to ensure we test and improve every aspect of it. We do this by launching Beta versions of our web applications that can have selected users access or access for all depending on client’s wish.


With our experience, we know what kind of machine and hosting works best for the web applications. We provide our web applications the exact kind of power and resources on a machine that helps it grow leaps and bounds. We select a secure service and location that not only ensures safety of your web applications and its data  but also allows fastest access to your target audience.


For the applications we develop, we provide yearly maintenance contracts that ensure the applications are running error free and growing without any issues. And for applications we have not developed, we provide monthly maintenance contracts that ensure good heath of our client applications on a month by month basis. Anytime we feel an upgrade is needed which is beyond our monthly maintenance contract, we provide our clients option to work with us or their initial developers. We do these upgrades for FREE for our yearly maintenance contracts for our in house developed applications.