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Request Online Business Setup

Thanks for your interest in working with us in getting your own online business set up. As our service is free, we received a lot of requests including requests from those who were not serious with the online business and just wasting theirs and our time.

As we can only serve a limited number of people, this delays the response to the ones who really would like to have an online business so now there will be a minimal charge ($5) as consultation fees before you can request your own online business set up. This fee is non refundable and keeps out unnecessary and spam requests. You still get your online business set up for free and much earlier now that we have this small upfront fee.

So click on the below pay now button and pay $5 consultation fee. Once paid, you will be redirected to request setup form which you need to fill to start the initial discussion with our team. In case you are not redirected to such a form after payment, you can simply email but don’t forget to include your payment transaction ID for the $5 payment.